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Currently working for the Resource Stewardship and Science Team in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve looking at climate change, glaciology, and geomorphology based out of Copper Center, AK. 

I earned my BS in geology at the University of Arizona (2018) and MS in geology at the University of Wyoming (2022). I am interested in magmatic and metamorphic processes as well as tectonics of orogenic systems . 

Email: shane.scoggin at

Me and my dog Guadalupe, at the Seminoe sand dunes, Wyoming

some of my research

Scoggin, S.H., Chapman, J.B., Shields, J.E., Trzinski, A.E. and Ducea, M.N., 2021. Early-Paleogene magmatism in the Pinaleño Mountains, Arizona: evidence for crustal melting of diverse basement assemblages during the Laramide Orogeny. Journal of Petrology. [pdf]

Scoggin, S.H., Reiners, P.W., Shuster, D.L., Davis, G.H., Ward, L.A., Worthington, J.R., Nickerson, P.A. and Evenson, N.S., 2021. (U‐Th)/He and 4He/3He thermochronology of secondary oxides in faults and fractures: A regional perspective from southeastern Arizona. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. [pdf]

Chapman, J.B., Runyon, S.E., Shields, J., Lawler, B.L., Pridmore, C.J., Scoggin, S.H., Swaim, N.T., Trzinski, A.E., Wiley, H.N., Barth, A.P. and Haxel, G.B., 2021. The North American Cordilleran Anatectic Belt. Earth-Science Reviews. [pdf]

Chapman, J.B., Scoggin, S.H., Kapp, P., Carrapa, B., Ducea, M.N., Worthington, J., Oimahmadov, I. and Gadoev, M., 2018. Mesozoic to Cenozoic magmatic history of the Pamir. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 482, 181-192. [pdf]

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